10 restaurant tips to drive revenue during covid-19

Over the last few months it has been a huge challenge for local businesses and we want to support you every way we can. Here are a some ideas to help you engage with your customers online, boost awareness about your current offering and to help keep moving your business forward.

  • Communicate everywhere. Let your customers know that you are open for business. You can do this on social media, over email and on your website (any place customers will look). Remember to include any changes to your hours, locations, special offers and promotions, safety measures, payment options and delivery or collection systems. Also let customers know how important they are to your business and how every order helps towards keeping your business going.
  • Show what you have. Show your customers what is available for delivery and pickup. Appeal to their desires and cravings (we all get sick of cooking after a while)
  • Create a sign for your door. If your located on a high street or a place with continued footfall, when customers leave their homes for some much needed fresh air they might walk by your premises. Put a sign on the door showing what you are offering and to let them know you are still trading for delivery or pickup. Along with this don’t forget to add all the ways they can contact you and your website and social media details.
  • Gift Cards. People want to support you and what better way than encouraging them to buy a gift card to use for themselves or donate to delivery or key workers in your area.

Give people what they want - 10 restaurant tips to drive revenue during covid-19

  • Give people what they want. Research your most popular dishes and make sure you are cooking all the dishes that your customers are craving.
  • Offer meal kits. Do you have some favourites that you customers just can’t get enough of? Why not create bundles that they can buy in bulk so they don’t have to leave their homes too often.
  • Offer groceries. It can be hard to get hold of certain items at the moment. Why not use your contacts to help customers find those difficult to source items.
  • Add beer and wine to your delivery service. Sometimes food just doesn’t taste the same without a beer or a nice glass of vino. Why not offer some of your drinks menu.
  • Feature your customers. Are your customers posting about their takeaway on social media? Build a community and by reposting some of what they say on your own channel. Then ask your customers what they are hungry for.
  • Make sure your website can take orders. Ordering online is the easiest and most convenient way for your customers to order online. It also allows you to have opening and closing times much like you would when physically open. Find out how a professional website designer can help you integrate a product like https://www.gloriafood.com/

A couple of added extras

11. Throw in a thank you card. Show your customers how grateful you are for their support with a simple thank you card. Why not add a time specific discount code for repeat purchase?

12. Consider partnerships. Are there other local restaurants that you could partner up with to extend your menu or incentivise orders? A partnership will offer the opportunity to populated content across multiple social media channels.

July 2, 2020

James Pravato

James is an experienced professional designer with a demonstrated history of working in multiple industries and sectors. Skilled in Web design, Branding & Identity. Strong sales and online retail experience with a Bachelor of Arts - in Marketing and promotions from University for the Creative Arts. James started at one of the largest branding companies working on media projects for established multinational organisations like UEFA, PWC, Unilever and Daimler Chrysler. In the last few years his focus has been on small local SME's and startups.

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